two for one

For the second time this month, I shot two different professional sporting events in one day.

However, unlike my Boston/Chicago double dip on April 18th, this time I cheated.

Yesterday, I found myself at US Cellular Field for the Sox/Mariners doubleheader. After photographing the first game, a 2-1 Sox victory, I began working the 2nd game. After the Mariners took a 4-0 lead, I headed to the photo room to send some early pix.

The Bulls’ playoff game was on the television in the photo work room but I kept hearing cheers from outside.

When I went to investigate, I found the Scout Lounge concession workers living and dying with each basket. I ditched the Sox game and shot the workers reacting to the 4th quarter and overtime of the Bulls’ loss.


One of the best moments was Lakenya Corbin’s reaction to Brad Miller’s missed free throw that basically sealed the win for the Celtics.


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