RIP Maurice

On April 22nd, 14-year-old Maurice Davenport, playing in his first softball for Morgan Elementary School, died after falling on a softball while making a diving catch. 

Last evening, I was sent to his wake.

I had been told that I had permission to photograph but nevertheless I got their early to make sure.

After the family arrived, I approached Deborah Hatcher, who had raised her nephew Maurice since he was 7,  and asked if it was ok to take pictures at the wake. She said that it was fine.

I am not sure how I would feel if a newspaper wanted to photograph one of my loved one’s wake but i hope that I would be gracious as the Hatcher family.

I didn’t stay long only photographing a bit from the balcony and from down front when the family approached the open casket.

The image that resonated with me was a photo of Maurice on a video monitor belonging to the videographer that the family hired to document the evening. For some reason I was chilled more by the image of Maurice on the video monitor than seeing him at the front of church in the casket.


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