in a blur

By strazz

May 8, 2009

Category: Sports


For about the first 15 years of my photo career, I struggled with blurred pan shots.

Instead of slowly tracking the subject, I would whip the camera across and nothing would ever be sharp.

In 2004 at the Athens Olympics, I studied LA Times shooter Wally Skalij and the cool calm way he went about kicking everyone’s ass. During those Games, I stole his idea of panning gymnasts as they ran towards the vault.

Ever since then, I have improved steadily with the blur.

Last night before the Chicago Blackhawks’ thrilling 2-1 overtime win over Vancouver, I played around with an 1/8th of a second shutter speed as the Hawks circled the ice in the dark during the pre-game build up.

A handful of the shots turned out well including this one of Swedish defender Niklas Hjalmarsson.

9 Responses to “in a blur”

  1. Neat shot! I love hockey. My Capitals are doing well this year. I wish I could get close enough to get a shot like this.

    I like how you post a picture and a quick story pretty much every day. I subscribe to so many blogs I rarely read most of them, but I always check out your picture and at least scan the story.

  2. Sweet shot. I have trouble with this too. Only had this work a handful of times.

  3. Thanks for always giving that little extra Scott. From the warm ups to the number one player announcement and everything in between.

  4. Way to rock some hockey Scott.

    I am looking forward to see you shoot some pans of the Red Wings soon.

  5. hey scott, i’ve had a chance to see your work more now than when i was a the sentinel and i totally enjoy it.

  6. Nice! I am an awful panner myself. I’ve got one that I really like of a kickoff returner during a game when the team I was covering was losing – it was my way to have fun.

    Holiday Bowl San Diego Oregon Ducks Football. Kick return pan.

  7. Nice shot.

    Too bad your team is so awful. . . .

  8. I love this shot

  9. Very cool! Wheres the shot of you driving your car in circles in the parking lot?

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