the bulin wall

By strazz

May 11, 2009

Category: Sports


On a night where 12 goals were scored and I transmitted 27 images of which 24 were reaction photos, I will share my favorite action shot of the Chicago Blackhawks’ 7-5 win over the Vancouver Canucks.

Hawks’ goalie Nikolai Khabibulin wasn’t great Monday night but he came up big when he had to. His best save of the evening came against the Canuck’s Alex Burrows in the crazy 3rd period where the Hawks’ rallied from one goal deficits twice to win the Western Conference semi-finals.

Up next for the Hawks will be Anaheim or Detroit.

For more pix from Game 6 go HERE to


3 Responses to “the bulin wall”

  1. Hey Scott, I’m glad I found your blog! I’m a photojournalist for my college paper and really enjoy reading what’s going on in your head during assignments and just seeing how much you love your subjects.

    What’s stopping you from doing a similar blog at the Trib? I’m planning on doing a photo blog for our paper next semester and was wondering if you had considered doing one and if so, why you chose not to. Thanks.

  2. Zach, I would like to do a blog for the Tribune but it hasn’t quite worked out up to this point. The Trib will soon be rolling on a new blog site so maybe I can weasel my way onto that.

  3. Good to hear! I trust you will let us know on here when/if that happens. Thanks for the reply.

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