taking it to the street

By strazz

May 12, 2009

Category: Daily work


When I was a teen, long before I had any idea that I wanted to pursue photojournalism as a career, I saw a 30 minute tv show on world-renowned street photographer Garry Winogrand. 

Winogrand would roam the streets of New York City, among other places, taking quick random pictures of whatever caught his fancy.

He loved the process of photography more than the actual photographs. When Winogrand died, he left behind 300,000 unedited images and 2500 undeveloped rolls of exposed film.

I love Winogrand’s work, especially his book 1964, which ironically was the year that I was born.

This afternoon, I got downtown a bit early so I spent a half an hour on Michigan Avenue doing what my blog says- shooting from the hip.


3 Responses to “taking it to the street”

  1. Fantastic set of images! You really captured people in the springtime on the mag mile nicely.

  2. Scott, #2 should be in a fashion campaign … I too, in my youth, loved to walk the streets and just photograph whatever struck my fancy. Now in my dotage I find myself constrained by years of programming that tells me every frame needs to count … it’s a shame. nice set. Enjoy the blog.

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