By strazz

May 13, 2009

Category: Daily work


I really enjoy shooting concerts but not only for the music but because of the great opportunities to photograph the crowd.

I usually take a minute or two to shoot the mesmerized audience while they are totally engrossed in the show. However, it is much easier to accomplish this when I am in front of the people.

At the last two shows that I have shot- Fleetwood Mac and Tuesday night’s Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performance- I have been placed 100 feet back by the sound board instead in the pit at the  front of the stage.

I don’t know if this is because of the seating configuration or because as artists get older, they prefer to keep the photographers farther away. Either reason, it makes my job a bit more challenging.

I am not very tall and to complicate matters I always seem to get stuck behind a former NBA star or an overly enthusiastic arm waver. Luckily, the early part of Bruce’s show last night had some calm stretches limiting the crowd’s exuberance.

A plus last night was that I was permitted to shoot the first three songs which is becoming more of a rarity. My worst, which I mentioned HERE in a blog entry from last summer ,was Taylor Swift who would only let photos be taken during the first 30 seconds of each of her first two songs. But I guess I should give a legendary artist like Taylor Swift the benefit of the doubt. Wink wink. It’s only those naive newcomers like Bruce Springsteen who allow shooters 20 plus minutes to do their job.


6 Responses to “bruuuuuuuuce”

  1. Scott,
    How far in advance do you find out about your assignments? How many will you have in a “typical” day? Is there a pecking order for who gets what?
    I really enjoy the blog.

  2. Thanks Greg! For the past year or so, i have been working Sunday thru Thursday 3p to 11p.
    On a typical day, I will call in an hour or so before I start to get my assignments.
    Some days, the assignment editor will email them to be in the late morning.
    If it is a major sporting event, I might get several days’ notice.
    I average around 2 assignments a day but if I have, say, a Hawks’ playoff game, I will get there three hours before and leave two hours after the game so sometimes one assignment is a full day.
    Thanks for the interest.

  3. Hey Scott,

    This is a nice setup you have here. Moody photo. How would you think it could have worked if there was the singer or a guitar player in front of that light in the center. That was the first thing that came to my mind once I opened the photo and I though I ask.


  4. Niko, I agree. It probably would be better with Bruce silhouetted in the spotlight but I only worked my wide angle for about 30 seconds before I went back to my long lens.
    Hope all is well in your world!

  5. I totally missed the Bruce part ooooops:)

  6. Hiya, Scott. I enjoyed the brief chat we had before showtime. Always nice to say “hey” to one of the nicest guys I ever met in the biz. I forgot to tell you I remember first meeting you and Bill Konway in that tiny Daily Calumet satellite office you guys used to have at Midland Publishing on that industrial road in Lansing. I worked for a little Chicago weekly back then that was printed there.

    I left Pioneer Press and newspapers 10 years ago now, but naturally I miss certain things. Please tell “Nooch” that his humble replacement and fellow Italiano says hi.

    Love the shot. I think I recognize the back of my head there!

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