out in left field

By strazz

May 14, 2009

Category: Sports


Because of the threat of rain which became a reality late in the game, I decided to shoot last night’s Cubs/Padres game from a sheltered position at Wrigley Field, the camera basket on the 3rd base side upper deck.

That higher position not only protected me from the weather but gave me a better angle on the fans in the bleachers.

Knowing that before the start of each inning and after his warm up tosses, Chicago Cubs’ left fielder Alfonso Soriano tosses a ball to the fans in the left field bleachers, I decided to try to make a fun photo of the fans trying to nab a souvenir.

I didn’t have to wait long as the best image came before the 1st inning.

When Soriano lobbed the ball into the crowd, six men and two women reached for the prize. Who do you think came up with it?

Yep, the young woman in the white shirt. 


6 Responses to “out in left field”

  1. That is sweet

  2. this is a great shot
    many great expressions on the faces!

  3. Nice!

  4. Nice shot Scott. I really like this vertical frame and all the hands. I cannot see you tracking this ball through the air so you must have waited and looked through the viewfinder for subtle changes in faces when the ball was fast approaching. Or not. Either way great shot.

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