he chose poorly

By strazz

May 15, 2009

Category: Sports


I try to put a lot of thought into where I position myself at a sporting event. But sometimes I think too much.

Last night was a prime example. I shot the Chicago Public League girls’ soccer championship match where Walter Payton College Prep defeated Lane Tech 3-0.

With five minutes to go, I had to decide whether to position myself  by the Payton bench with a wide angle or go behind the goal with a 400mm lens and shoot the team congratulating the goalie who was about to complete a shutout. I chose the goalie option.

Oops! As the final horn sounded the entire team jubilated in front of the bench on the far side of the field as the star goalie sprinted 75 yards to join the celebration, Then the team ran over to the stands and leaped up into the arms of the student body.

I had an ok angle on that except directly between me and the joy was a Chicago Public School security guard in a bright orange jacket watching the goings-on. D’oh!

Finally, the security guard ambled off and I was able to make a frame of the late arriving Jessica Yackey accepting congratulations from a classmate. An added bonus was the shadow of another on rushing player.

I was happy with this frame but once again I proved that I don’t have sports ESP or ESPN either.

(Sorry that this is turning into a sportsshooter blog but that seems to be my role for now at the paper.)


4 Responses to “he chose poorly”

  1. I really like all the sports shots. It gives me something to think about. I really appreciate how you include the thought process. I like finding out the story behind the photos.

  2. Totally refreshing post!! From the looks of it your intuitive sense about these moments usually leads you in the right direction. Nice blog, nice work.

  3. Nice one. I really like the shadow on the right that falls on the wall, maybe another player running towards the fans?

  4. Nice “Last Crusade” reference in your title 🙂

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