school’s out forever

By strazz

May 18, 2009

Category: Daily work


As I pulled into the parking lot at Driscoll Catholic High School in Addison yesterday afternoon I knew exactly what my job was- get a sad photo.

You see, after 43 years, Driscoll Catholic is shutting down. Sunday was the fortieth and final commencement ceremony.

Assignments like this are the bread and butter of the newspaper photographer. Show up, find a poignant moment, call it a day.

Assignments like this also bother me. 

Despite the tinge of melancholy in the air in Addison, the overriding emotion was happiness with a bit of pride and accomplishment thrown in for good measure. A sad photo would have told part of the story but not the whole story. That is if I actually could have found a sad photo. There were far more joyous moments but I passed the majority of them by while looking for the sadness. I never really found it. There was the occasional tear among the crowd gathered at the football field and a moving speech by the co-valedictorians, but besides that it was a typical graduation ceremony.

My favorite image of the afternoon was shot in the boys’ room. Moments before the start of the ceremony, the bathroom was filled with guys trying to get their caps and gowns situated correctly. Didn’t really tell the story that I was supposed to tell though.

But when you think of it, the only thing the graduating seniors are going to miss out on is returning to the school for Homecoming. It’s the teachers, staff and the non-graduating students who will be most affected by the closure.

Maybe the time to tell this story isn’t on graduation day but on the final day of school. Hopefully, I will get sent back.


3 Responses to “school’s out forever”

  1. I always really appreciate your words with your photos. Although this may have not been the image you were hoping for, I think it gives a great mood and it is exactly what I think of when I remember graduating high school (although it was only 2 years ago). Great work!

  2. +1 for using Alice Cooper lyrics.

    -1 for using the phrase “My favorite image of the afternoon was shot in the boys’ room… the bathroom was filled with guys…”

    Really like the blog – look forward to more.

    Logan MB

  3. That’s a great shot! I had to cover graduation this weekend too. I ended up getting something decent, but I kept having this feeling that I could’ve gotten something more different. And then I see this photo. Wow. my favorite shot of a graduation so far.

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