baseball and hot dogs

By strazz

May 21, 2009

Category: Sports


After shooting an afternoon assignment in a western suburb, I battled traffic for almost two hours on my way to US Cellular Field for another White Sox game.

Once I finally arrived, I was in need of a bit of relaxation before the start of the game. Instead of peace and quiet, what did I encounter? Dogs, dogs and more dogs. 600 in all, ready to take part in “Dog Day” at the park.

I quickly scarfed down two hot dogs (nice symmetry, eh?) and went to work photographing the canines.

There were photo ops everywhere but I especially enjoyed the dog interaction.


8 Responses to “baseball and hot dogs”

  1. awe!!!!!!!!! too cute. This makes me smile.

  2. Another clever blog title Scott!

    A question for you. What is your approach to white balance when you shoot the variety of events that you do? Your images always look very natural. Preset white balance with JPEG or correct in PS after shooting RAW?

  3. How adorable! I’ve always wanted to take my dogs to a “bark in the park” day.

  4. Coincedentally, Sox also had dogs on the mound today.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such emotion and personality in a dogs face before! love it!

  6. Greg, sorry to be so late in responding.
    I am not much of a technical shooter. In daylight situations I set my white balance to the “cloudy” setting while shooting jpegs.
    Other photographers usually scoff at the fact that I don’t shoot raw but I shoot so many frames that I would need to get more CF cards to hold all the images.
    Indoors, I sometimes use the Kelvin settings or just plain Auto White Balance.
    I do a bit of toning in photoshop but not a ton.

  7. Thanks for the insight Scott.

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