better late than never… or not?

By strazz

May 27, 2009

Category: Sports


Last year, I worked on a project called “The Season”, where I photographed three high school sports teams throughout their respective seasons.

First was Joliet Catholic girls’ volleyball. Second was Fenger Academy boys’ basketball. Third was Evanston girls’ soccer.

After spending so much time with the squads last year, I wanted to stop by at least once this year to say hello.

After visiting Joliet Catholic and Fenger earlier this school year, I finally made it  to Evanston High School today.

It almost didn’t happen.

Evanston took the field last night to play Loyola Academy in the state playoffs while I was shooting a Cubs’ game. A loss would have ended the Wildkits’ season. Fortunately for me, the game was suspended due to lightning delaying the remainder of the game until this evening and allowing me to stop by.

The game resumed with 18 minutes left in the first half with the score tied at 1-1. The match remained tied until Loyola scored with less than 10 minutes to go eliminating Evanston from the playoffs.

Now I feel like a jerk.

I was nowhere to be found all year only to show up at the end of Evanston’s very successful campaign just to photograph their season-ending loss. 



2 Responses to “better late than never… or not?”

  1. Unfortunate ending, but great shot.

    I went through your leisure blog and I must say, outstanding work! Your consistency in getting interesting shots is much more impressive than a well-selected portfolio.

    As for the photo essays, were they only published online, or where they also featured in print?

  2. Zach, “The Season” photo column and its predecessor- “Heart and Soul”, were published each Friday during the school year in the Tribune sports section.

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