Hair Cuts $5

By strazz

May 27, 2009

Category: other stuff


Back in my college days, when I was still afraid to take photos of people, I would amuse myself by creating abstract images by waving a camera with an open shutter around while driving at night.
Being an art major at the time, I thought the results were pretty cool.
Last night while stuck in traffic on Irving Park Road in Chicago, I revisited my past.
I set my camera to 5 seconds at f/22 and went to work, err, play.


5 Responses to “Hair Cuts $5”

  1. Very Cool!!! but I thought there was going to be some comment about your hair IN college 🙂

  2. Hey Scott, I’m curious how you became such a great photojournalist if you were once afraid of taking photos of people?

    • Dunno, I still go through phases where I don’t want to approach people.
      Maybe my shyness caused me to be a bit more respectful. My work tends to be more of a celebration of life and not focused too much on humanity’s ills although I do shoot my fair share of sadness for the newspaper.

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