going batty at wrigley

By strazz

May 29, 2009

Category: Sports


During the 3rd inning of Thursday night’s Cubs/Dodgers’ game at Wrigley Field, Cubs’ second baseman Andres Blanco’s bat slipped out of his hands and went flying into the stands.

The wooden missile ended up in the lap of a small girl seated near the Dodgers’ dugout.

Unfortunately for her, her mother seemed to be the only person in the section not be paying attention to the action.

After leaving the game for a bit of first aid, the girl returned for the rest of the game.

I am glad that the girl wasn’t injured because I think this photo is pretty funny especially the boy eating a hamburger in the first row.


10 Responses to “going batty at wrigley”

  1. Both hands firmly on the cheeseburger… Nice!

  2. The burger boy has that look like “mom why did you put mustard on my cheeseburger. I hate mustard. Oh, a bat.”

  3. I think we might have a new ad campaign for McDonald’s- “Nothing can make me to put down my Quarter Pounder with Cheese.”
    The kid can be inserted into different dramatic situations but in all of them he has a death grip on his burger.

  4. This is so many kinds of win. The big dude in the middle trying to take a picture makes it for me.

  5. Reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting!

  6. Scott – Thanks for the laugh! I think you should shoot a series of these images with a 4×5 or Large format camera. It would take some time and patience but man if you could blow the images up to scale how amazing would that be on a gallery wall?!

  7. Scott….

    Can you tell me how the heck you would capture this image….
    Basically where you shooting the batter and followed the bat out of the scene…
    I’m just really impressed that you or anyone could be on a shot like this….getting that moment when you are totally shooting in a direction that you really wouldn’t be focusing on…Curious about how it came about.

    Great shot

    • Jonathan, I guess it is all instinct and auto focus.
      I usually photograph every batter at a MLB game and I try to be ready for any eventuality.
      In this specific case, I was seated in the third base photo area. Cubs’ rookie Andres Blanco swung and missed and his bat flew behind him towards the first base side.
      I quickly moved my camera to the left and tried to pick up the flying bat.
      This frame is one of the first I took and I just barely got the bat in my frame. The next frames are more centered but by then the bat had landed.
      Luckily, the auto focus targeted on the row of fans near the bat instead of on the brick wall or the background rows.
      Not much thought involved just a lot of practice shooting baseball.

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