snake river

By strazz

June 1, 2009

Category: Daily work


I spent the afternoon on the banks of the Vermillion River yesterday working on a yet to be published story.

I worked my way along some rocks to a good position to photograph my story. After shooting for an hour or so I decide to work my way back to another spot. As I reached to grab hold of a rock, I spotted a snake sunning itself inches from where I was about to put my hand. I froze.

I never really thought that I was afraid of snakes but I guess I really haven’t encountered many in the wild.

The snake on the rock slithered away just as a bigger snake swam up and stopped in the area that I needed to step.


My first thought was- WATER MOCCASIN!!! But then I vaguely remembered that water moccasins can only be found as far north as the southern part of Illinois. But then I thought, do I really want to rely on my aging brain in this situation?

I decided to take a more difficult but wimpier path up a hill and leave the snake alone.


3 Responses to “snake river”

  1. Well, snakes of any sort are not exactly a “welcoming” thing. The wimpy way seems good to me…if it means no puncture wounds in my skin…

    Nice color palette on this one…monochromatic of sorts. I like it…

    I enjoy your blog…I met you at SWPJC this year…a friend had your link on his blog. Glad I can see the happenings of the suburban-hip-shooter… 🙂


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