a black and white night

By strazz

June 3, 2009

Category: Daily work

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Yesterday was one of those days where I felt like I was running in quick sand.

Well, more like sitting in quick sand.

I originally was scheduled to photograph a high school volleyball sectional final match. I decided to arrive a couple hours early and work some behind the scenes drama.

As I pulled up to the suburban high school, I received a call from the assignment desk. I was told to scrap the volleyball match and drive to the South side of Chicago in hopes of photographing the transfer of two alleged cop killers that had just been arrested. A very valid assignment with very little possibility of success.

Back in the early days of my career, the police would parade murder suspects through the police station lobby past us media who had been “wink wink” tipped off to the “transfer”.

Now it is almost impossible to catch a glimpse of the police maneuvers.

Anyways, after several hours of waiting and watching, I was sent to dinner.

I parked at the Tribune Tower and walked down the street to eat.

My current excitement for street photography continued but instead of exploiting the color of day, I felt in a black and white mood leading to most of my photographs depicting the loneliness of the night.

Maybe I was just bummed because I missed an exciting volleyball match.


One Response to “a black and white night”

  1. I’ve been looking at this and the other street photography on your site. And, as the jazz musicians say, strong work, brother. Strong work. I like this B&W a lot, but the color photos from May 12 & 21 blow me away.

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