By strazz

June 5, 2009

Category: Daily work


I found myself at PLUSH, a new hip watering hole on Madison Street in Chicago, Thursday night.

The reason for my visit was to photograph a fashion show of clothes from thrift shops put on by Classy Closet in Evanston.

It was a joy to shoot in such a visually friendly environment. The decor was beautiful, the lighting was beautiful and the people were beautiful.

As usual, I arrived 45 minutes early, looking to get some non-fashion show images.

When I eyed Josilyn McDonald outside, I assumed that she was one of the models so I made several images of her through the entry way.

After getting her name, I found out that she wasn’t part of the show.

Bad for the paper but good for my blog because everything I have shot lately is for future use so I have had a hard time coming up with stuff to share here.

Once tonight’s pix hit the paper, I will post a shot or two.


4 Responses to “PLUSH”

  1. The variety in this frame is unreal. Small window on left. Weird blue light. Beautiful Girl. Window and people on the right. Great work.

  2. Ah, the ol’ “I thought you were a model” line. Well played.

  3. dear strazz, this is so cool. i am the writer who got to work the fashion show with you, and i’ve been looking for you all week to tell you that was you saw and what you found is SOOOOO amazing. we were allllll blown away by your photos, and in fact they are so beautiful they’re putting up a gallery from the shoot on the tribune site. even cooler is that your photos were sooo beautiful they ripped up and redid the cover of the SMART section to make your pix carry the page. i cannot tell you how cool it is when as a writer you head out on a story and you find out the photographer saw it all in ways unforgettable……your ears musta been buzzin this week because we were talkin’ pretty all about you. and how cool that through elaine’s cool site, the snoopster, i got pointed in your direction after all. beeautiful beautiful is what i have to say about you and your work. amen. a writer at la tribune.

  4. great pix,nice ambiance. did you get any other pixs of her? shes a stunner from what I can see

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