sunday at the park

By strazz

June 7, 2009

Category: Sports


I spent the day shooting another future story.

Despite not holding the copyright to any of my Chicago Tribune work, my bosses graciously allow me to show work on my personal blog as long as I don’t share images that are yet to be published.

It seems like the majority of my favorite photos of late have not run in the paper yet so instead of not posting, I have been showing out takes from these assignments that will only see the light of day on my blog.

I hung out today at Washington Park on the South Side and this photo didn’t fit the purpose of the story.

6 Responses to “sunday at the park”

  1. Incredible frame, Scott. So many things said.

  2. Great picture !

  3. Scott,
    I follow your blog and it always looks great, wonderful photos and insightful knowledge. I have a question. What is your template called.

  4. Amazing image! So many hidden messages and layers to this image. Keep up the great work.

  5. this picture is Amazing!! Glad to see all is well :]

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