going to the dance

By strazz

June 8, 2009

Category: Sports


As sort of a warm up for shooting this upcoming weekend’s high school state softball tournament, I photographed the Loyola Academy/ Mother McAuley supersectional this afternoon in Chicago.

It was a typical softball game. Fast paced with few good photo opportunities. 

Loyola won 3-0 sending the Ramblers to East Peoria for a chance at a state title.

I photographed the whole game from behind the back stop fence. However, once the game ended I went out on the field for the celebration. Like the game itself, the celebration, too, was typical. That was until  Carly Ruscello, Jackie Ward and Maggie Mullen decided to do an impromptu dance on the infield dirt.

Thank you girls for saving the day.


6 Responses to “going to the dance”

  1. that sure would have came in handy at the tourney i shot last friday.

  2. Scott:

    Last night I read and looked at your photos for a year’s worth of postings. I think your blog is great! I was laid off in January after 30 years of photojournalism. Haven’t shot seriously since. I now plan to move to Colombia in the fall, study Spanish and maybe teach English. I hope to start a blog and do some serious photography again, mostly for fun. Is WordPress as good as blogspot? I haven’t looked into it yet.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Greg Ebersole

  3. Greg, so you were responsible for that surge in my page views. 😉
    I definitely prefer wordpress. I believe that it is a tad more elegant than blogspot plus the photos display larger.
    I look forward to your pix from Colombia.
    Be well!

  4. I read your answer to Greg and I must admit that I have been considering moving my blog to wordpress for some time now for the same reasons you mentioned. I also wonder if you have any suggestions on how to optimate a picture in order to get the most of it’s quality when publishing it in low res on the web..

  5. Jurek, I am not the most technologically savvy person but my photo work flow is as follows.
    I start with a high rez file and tone it to my liking. Sometimes I will lasso certain areas and tone sections of the image separately. Other times, I just bring the ends in on the curves. Sometimes I need to bring the shadows up or bring down the highlights. At other times I up the contrast. It all depends on how badly I set my white balance on my camera.
    For most web images, I will add saturation because the web tends to mute the colors.
    Once I am happy with how the image looks, I will size it down by half and then sharpen 50%.
    I repeat that step one or two more times until my image is 10 inches wide at 125 dpi.
    I then use the “save for web” option and I am done.
    There probably are a hundred different ways to work the image so it looks good online but that is my routine.

  6. I shot a super-sectional softball game yesterday at NIU’s field. There is no good place to get shots from! Except where I needed to be 5-6 inches taller. Lots of shooting through the fence..

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