is this illinois?

By strazz

June 11, 2009

Category: Sports


Except for up in the far northwest corner and way down south, the topography of Illinois can be described in one word- yawn.

However, a recent assignment took me to a place that I didn’t realize existed in the Land of Lincoln- whitewater rapids.

On the Vermillion River about 2 hours southwest of Chicago, near Starved Rock State Park, is a place that flat forgot. Starved Rock itself is amazing but the Vermillion adds a bit more spice to the area.

The Wildcat Rapids only exist for about three months of the year but they are pretty spectacular. Rated as a class 3 or 4, the rapids, made a bit scarier by a recent landslide, take rafters on a ride that Six Flags’ patrons are envious of.

I, along with a handful of water snakes (see previous post), spent a recent Sunday afternoon on the edge of the rapids. It was a blast.

Most of the challengers escaped the ride with a good rinsing but those that tried to get fancy ended up with a full on bath.

For some more images from the shoot go HERE.


2 Responses to “is this illinois?”

  1. Great shot, I never would of thought we could go whitewater rapiding here in Illinois.

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