sepia star

By strazz

June 12, 2009

Category: Sports


Last Sunday, I tagged along with a reporter as she visited various proposed Olympic venue sites in Chicago.

The writer was asking weekend warriors who use the parks what they thought of the possibility of the Games coming to Chicago and how they would feel if their fields and harbors were closed for years to prepare for the competition.

My favorite part by far was the hour or so we spent hanging with the Pirates of the Zapata Baseball League in Washington Park.

I shot exclusively with a 50mm lens wide open and was really enjoying shooting portraits of the players and atmosphere.

When I saw Deonte Reynolds, I couldn’t ask him quick enough if I could take his portrait.

I definitely plan on spending some more Sundays with the team.


11 Responses to “sepia star”

  1. I love this one… beautiful in sepia!

  2. awesome portrait. I live two blocks away and stop by to photograph every once and a while as well

  3. it reminds me (in a great way) of some of the wonderful Negro League portraits back in the 30’s and 40’s. ( is that a 1.2 lense?)

  4. very nice. love the specs with no lenses..haha

  5. Stunning portrait. Good call on making it sepia. Beautiful bokeh.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! Man, do I need to get serious about my photography again.

  7. I was recently assigned to shoot some student athletes and my plan was to use some cool lighting set-up in the studio but after seeing this photo I was inspired to try a 50mm and natural light. I’ve used it before for portraits but not in a while. I shot each kid in the studio and then took them outside in the shade and those were much stronger photos. Not to mention simpler to pull off. Thanks for sharing your great portrait .

  8. Thanks Scott,
    I’m a photojournalist in Eastern Oregon and after seeing this photo I dusted off the 50mm 1.8 and started shooting some portraits with it. They look great. Sort of let my 50mm become a paper weight. Thanks for reminding me. Love the site.

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