traveling 1st class

By strazz

June 14, 2009

Category: Sports


As I was leaving the EastSide Centre last night after the weekend of softball, I passed the state champion Loyola Ramblers’ bus.

In plain view, glistening in the 2nd row, was their recently won first place trophy.

I have always wanted to do a photo essay on a state championship trophy as it travels to a tournament site and then takes its journey back to a high school’s trophy case.  Please remind me of this idea next Fall.

Anyways, I poked my head on the bus and asked permission to come aboard.

The overly accommodating bus driver kept wanting to move the trophy, change the lighting and tell the girls to pose but I was able to convince him that the reality of the situation was more interesting to me.

I worked the scene for five minutes or so and then exited.

As I was heading out, a photographer from the Pioneer Press hopped aboard. I am curious to see how he interpreted the scene.


2 Responses to “traveling 1st class”

  1. Haha, very nice!

    Was great shooting with (well, around) you this weekend! Made the experience infinitely more… well, full of experience!

    Till next time 🙂

  2. Strazz: Quite the interesting and out of ordinary take on the trophy. More powerful than if posed in someone’s lap. Quite interesting, indeed!

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