star burst

By strazz

June 15, 2009

Category: Daily work


I love shooting with available light although at times it seems more like available darkness.

I feel that a moment should be documented as is. That the amount of light at the time is as big a part of the story as the people or place.

The advancements in camera technology combined with fast lenses allows me to shoot in almost total darkness.

Although, I very rarely use my strobe (I used it last week for the first time in ten years), I have no problem piggy backing off of someone else’s illumination.

I am always taking advantage of tv cameramen’s light and occasionally like at this thrift show fashion show I will raise my f/stop and use a slow shutter speed to synch with a still shooter’s strobe.


6 Responses to “star burst”

  1. strazz,
    I think the mixed light in this one just rocks! Good club glam glitz feel. It’s like Gregory Crewdson without all the heavy duty production.

  2. Hi Strazz,
    Great pic indeed! I like the way the strobe in front of you doesn’t alter light at the back of the girl.
    Sure thing, now with these 3200iso looking like 800iso before -and a good prime lens- one can achieve good pics in all kind of darky situations!
    (happy with my 5DMkII btw + 50/1,8 or 20/2,8) 😀
    Cheers !

  3. Beautiful! What camera and lens do you shoot with, btw?

    • Lane, I use a Canon EOS-1 Mark III with a 24-70mm zoom most of the time although I am starting to use my 50mm 1.4 more and more.

  4. thanks scott….do you have the 35mm 1.4? It’s my favorite lens for low light shooting on my 5D and it never lets me down.

    I’m really terrified to use my 24-70 in low light. I just don’t get great results. any tips?

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