peanut butter and jelly time

I don’t shoot as many verticals as I used to so therefore I have very few diptychs in my farm/subdivision project that pair verticals.

In fact, the Caitlyn Grabenhofer half of the top diptych was a horizontal but I cropped it because vertical/horizontal pairings seem even more awkward to me than two verts.

I also constructed one of my typical horizontal duos too so let me know which you like more.


14 Responses to “peanut butter and jelly time”

  1. Scott, great shots! I really like the verts, conveys a lot more emotional energy… although I am trying to visualize how it would look within the rest of the series… probably will look great, but what if you took these two verticals and put them on the right side of a spread and placed two other food-related shots where the subjects are looking to the viewers right? so both sides are “looking” toward the center and are still paired…
    don’t know if what I am seeing in my head is coming out in my words, though… (you could also vector the gazes away from center to create another distinct emotion)

  2. i like the vertical ones too.

  3. the composition in the horizs are much better, but the similarities in the verts win me over. verticals for sure.

  4. i love the bread tent by the way.

  5. The verticals are just too good. The horizontals are great, but the verts just match perfectly.

  6. I’m going to have to go with the horizontals. The verticals are obvious (too obvious?), and hit you right away, but the moments in the horizontals draw me in, and require more than a quick glance. Alright, there’s two cents from a photo student. Take it or leave it. 🙂

  7. The similarities in the verts win me over. I’m curious to know why you shy away from verticals? Is it because of online display?

    • I don’t know. I don’t mind them as portraits or in sports photos but for documentary shooting I prefer horizontals.

  8. My pref. is the horizontal. I get more of a feel for the subject and location being different. While I do love the vert. I agree that they are just too simple.

  9. some times simplicity works. i think these verticals would be a nice addition to the project.

  10. I like the verticals more as portraits of who these two people are. There’s also too much in the horizontals to distract my ADD brain.

  11. The thing I like about the verticals is one pic has jelly and the other has peanut butter which to me makes them go together even more. Plus there is an air of anticipation in them. I like both versions but the verticals are more powerful.

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