a fetching day

By strazz

June 22, 2009

Category: Daily work


After Friday’s storms, a huge amount of sewer water was released into Lake Michigan.

The beaches were closed on Saturday but reopened on Sunday with the warning to swim at your own risk due to teh presence of e coli in the water.

One of the Tribune’s reporters went to Mondog Beach, a dog beach in Chicago, to interview pet owners about the situation.

I spent a good chunk of time there too.

I had fun but I think the canines enjoyed it more.

2 Responses to “a fetching day”

  1. This image is very different than any image I’ve seen you make and I’ve even followed your blog from day one because Western Kentucky University gets a tad boring in down time of not shooting, so I take a lot of Mrs. Adams-Smith advice and check out a list of photog blogs.

    It may seem like another boring dog photo, but you’ve managed to take something that most journalists today would consider boring, and made it interesting.

  2. scott,
    really dig this pic…maybe its just all the fury of holding back the 5 layers of motion in it…of course, i like all the others before and after, but this one is one i’d like to get a giant print of and put on my wall so my heart could get jump-started with every view…
    be well, enjoy the land of my forefathers.

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