pithi prep

By strazz

June 27, 2009

Category: weddings


One of the amazingly visual ceremonies from yesterday was the pithi.

During the pithi, the bride’s friends and family rub paste on her face, arms, feet, etc..

Here, Julie Patel, the bride-to-be, waits for the paste to be ready.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante

3 Responses to “pithi prep”

  1. Man, Indian weddings have no shortage of colors or food! I hope our unicycle/salsa act makes the next cut (100 of 10,000) 🙂

  2. Your some of your images from the wedding are very intimate and close. I was wondering if you move in close or use a zoom lens? I find that most people begin to feel uncomfortable when I get to close, so I was wondering how you solve this problem… Thanks!

    • Becca, I try to get in as close as I can. At this particular wedding, there was so much going on that my presence didn’t affect anyone.
      During more sensitive situations, I still try to get as close as I can but sometimes settle for a zoom lens.

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