ten from ten thousand

By strazz

June 29, 2009

Category: weddings


I only shoot a handful of weddings a year but when I do I take the job seriously.

Maybe a little too seriously.

Over my two days of photographing the fabulous Indian/Jewish wedding of Julie Patel and Seth Liss, I shot over 10,000 frames.

Of those ten thousand, I have an edit of just under 500 that I like.

Here are ten of my favorites from the ceremony.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante


5 Responses to “ten from ten thousand”

  1. WOW! And I though I was bad this weekend at around 2200 image at a one day, all day wedding. My first edit got me down to about 750 but plan to edit tight to about 600. BTW Scott these 10 rock! What a cool wedding to shoot.
    Bryan Mitchell

  2. Blazin. I need to learn to let my shutter fly a little more often :-).

    Really great images. But of course you knew that!

  3. Wow. Incredible photos. You captured the day and melding of cultures and traditions so nicely!

  4. omg! too many nice images here! i can’t take it! visual overload! my brain’s gonna explode!

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