tripping the light fantastic

By strazz

June 29, 2009

Category: weddings


To cap off a great weekend of shooting, the Patel/Liss wedding reception was a dream for an available light photographer such as myself.

In addition to the warmness of the faux candelabras, there also was a DJ-operated spotlight, a video camera light and a funkadelic disco light.

As I roamed around the dance floor, the randomness of which lights were going and my positioning created a bit of an exposure challenge but the bizarre effects and sweet pockets of light more than made up for that issue.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante


2 Responses to “tripping the light fantastic”

  1. Gorgeous! Some of the most unique and fun wedding photos I’ve ever seen! Great job!

  2. Great shots! I love the layers, colors and light. Beautiful and fun.

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