almost famous

My wife Anna, our four kids and I are off to Sweden for three weeks.

We are visiting Anna’s family in Stockholm and Goteborg and spending a week at a cabin near the ocean.

Since there are 6 of us, we decided to rent a limo to O’Hare. The kids were thrilled. They thought they were celebrities.

As we left Yorkville, my stepdaughter Caroline rolled the window down a smidge and did a Michael Jackson-style wave.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante


6 Responses to “almost famous”

  1. So interesting … when I caught a glimpse of the thumbnail, my initial thought was that this may be an old photo you shot of Michael. I was surprised to see that this is your daughter. No kidding!

    I’m really enjoying your photos every day …

  2. I lived in Chicago at one time for twelve months. That is one heavy sweater she is wearing for July!

  3. Enjoy your trip!!!! I am envious 🙂

  4. Honestly, who doesn’t take a limo to the airport? You guys rock, my wife is jealous!

  5. Welcome to Sweden, hope you´ll have a good time. Right now it’s raining like hell in Stockholm…

  6. Fantastic frame. Great colors. You have a way with capturing the ordinary and presenting it in a way that makes it so attractive.

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