father and son

I am not much of a tourist.

When I travel, I would much rather see how common people live than see the sights.

One of the best things about this current trip is that we are going to be staying with my wife’s family in both Stockholm and Goteborg.

Today, we are in the suburbs of Stockholm at the home of my sister-in-law Sara and her husband Patrik.

Here is a snap from a little grocery shopping with Patrik.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante


8 Responses to “father and son”

  1. That is hilarious! What a great feature! Now people might look at this photo and understand why carrying a camera into the grocery store makes sense!

  2. LOVE IT! Are there wheels on the bottom or does it just glide?

  3. I love this shot. I am the same way when I travel. I love going to the local grocery store and people watch. I also love seeing what foods are available that I have never seen. Those grocery carts are a first for me.

  4. That’s how I’d travel too. Not into the touristy things. I like to laugh at those people :-). At least the massive groups of older Asians with bright yellow hats milling the markets in Jerusalem.

    I’m glad you brought your camera with for the trip.

  5. Guttentag

  6. great shot! I love the detail in the arm veins, adds a tangible realness,
    when I am out in the field, I like to check how much a coke is, that and a MickeyD’s burger are often better insights to cost of living than crunching USD conversion tables… so how much is a coke in the store?

    • Philip, a .5 liter coke is 18 kr and a McDonalds cheesebuger is 10 kr. I think the conversion rate right now is a little less than 8 swedish kronas for a US dollar.

  7. good luck finding the barcode! nice.

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