ball of fun

We were tourists today.

First stop was the art museum that contains the Hasselblad Center, a photography exhibition hall.

We saw a show on emerging Norwegian photographers. The show was a mixed bag but overall the center was a major disappointment. It was very small and didn’t have any works except the one exhibition.

We did pass a statue of Victor Hasselblad, who is a distant relative of my wife. So, that was coolish.

After lunch, we wandered to the Fish Church, a fish market in a church-like structure.

The best thing there was the Funballz tourist trap along the canal.

For 50kr, one could spend ten minutes rolling in a transparent ball on the water.

I found it quite amusing.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante

2 Responses to “ball of fun”

  1. Wow. Gorgeous light!
    Very cool that you’re related to Hasselblad. That should get you free products, right? Haha

  2. I’ve seen those balls in Kunming, China. Seems like a death trap, a parent’s nightmare.

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