hanging with the iraqis

I finally got a chance Wednesday evening to get out on my own for a little photo safari around Göteborg.

I headed to the Götapatsen, the main boulevard in Göteborg.

Not much was going on as it was probably too late for tourists and business folk and too early for night clubbers.

I decided to head back with a final pass of the art museum with the statue of Poseidon out front.

All of a sudden, I heard car horns honking and people yelling. I then saw a line of cars with people hanging out waving Iraqi flags.

I would later find out that the Iraqi team at the Gothia Cup, a huge international youth soccer tournament, had just won a match to go 3-0 in the tourney.

After shooting the cars going past, I headed home until I came upon a group of fans walking.

I decided to tag along as they expressed their joy.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante


2 Responses to “hanging with the iraqis”

  1. Scott – you suck. Even on vacation everything goes your way! I have been enjoying the frames this past week. Enjoy Scandinavia.

  2. love the shot of the girl sitting out the window of the car…

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