the littlest ball hawk

By strazz

July 27, 2009

Category: Sports


I spent some time along Waveland Avenue just outside Wrigley Field’s left field wall before tonight’s Cubs’ game.

That place at that time is the home of the Ball Hawks, the fans who wait for batting practice home runs before each home game at the Friendly Confines.

I almost paid the price for this photo as seconds after I took it, a line drive whizzed just past my head.

I was counting on the reaction on the faces of the fans to give me some warning but I was wrong.

Anyways, here is 8-year-old Trevor Berggrenn, who almost became my final photo subject.

© 2009 Chicago Tribune/Scott Strazzante

3 Responses to “the littlest ball hawk”

  1. Classic Chicago. Great shot.

  2. I’m Trevor’s Dad and just to let you know TJ did not get a ball on the street but he did get one in the bleachers during batting practise. So the littlest ball hawk is also the littlest bleacher bum. Thanks for a great picture Scott and watch your back on Waveland Ave. LOL

  3. Trevor chewing on the glove creates nostalgia for me…if you ever played outfield as a kid, you’ve probably done the same while waiting for a hit. It takes you back…Great shot.

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