fonzie and the walk off granny

By strazz

July 28, 2009

Category: Sports


They say that good things come to those who wait. I think that might have been said by a baseball photographer.

I truly enjoy photographing America’s past time, but sometimes it tests my patience.

Last night was a good example.

The Cubs and the Astros spent the first 12 and a half innings wasting opportunities during a 1-1 taffy pull.

Finally, in the bottom of the 13th, the first place Cubs got a clutch hit, a walk off grand slam by Alfonso Soriano for a 5-1 win.

Walk off home runs make great photos but only if you are lucky enough to not get blocked by a security guard, the in rushing bullpen pitchers, the three television cameramen and their respective cable pullers, the opposing team or a random disinterested third base coach.

Last night as Fonzie slowly but triumphantly made his way around the bases, I switched from my camera with the 400mm lens to one with a 70-200 zoom.

I got off two shots of the players waiting at home to greet their hero, but then for what seemed like an eternity, someone in a black shirt strolled into my frame and then paused. Noooo, the worst thing is to sit through 4 hours of baseball and then be blocked on the shot of the game.

Fortunately, Mr. Black Shirt decided to keep moving and the sea of impediments parted long enough for me to get off a flurry of photos before once again I was blocked.

© 2009 Chicago Tribune/Scott Strazzante

2 Responses to “fonzie and the walk off granny”

  1. I always like to imagine having those interfering bodies adorn shock collars that are set off whenever they are in my line of sight.

  2. your baseball shots are always amazing, this is a great shot and so was yesterdays.
    you always capture the decisive moment!

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