you look marvelous…no, you look marvelous

By strazz

July 30, 2009

Category: home life


I took the kids out to the first day of the Kendall County Fair this morning.

The atmosphere was a tad sleepy but my son Cameron and I enjoyed checking out the poultry barn.

The stars for us were Newark, Illinois’ Nathan Davidson’s young female ducks.

We also had fun trying to figure out punny titles for this post.

Here are several runner-ups-


“OMG, where did you get your hair done?”

“The Kendall County Fro”

“Duck, Duck, Mousse”

© 2009 Scott Strazzante


3 Responses to “you look marvelous…no, you look marvelous”

  1. Duck, Duck, Mousse would have to be my fav haha.
    Great colors!

  2. Yes, I vote for Duck, Duck, Mousse!

    The poultry barn is always a favorite of mine.

  3. Duck, Duck, Mousse! OK, now I’m hungry for some foie gras.

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