the loop

Most of the street photography that I have been doing recently has been on Michigan Avenue.

Michigan Avenue is beautiful. It is where the tourists shop and the suburbanites stroll.

However, it isn’t the real Chicago. It is the Chicago that Mayor Daley wants you see.

For me, the real Chicago is “The Loop”. The area within the confines of the el tracks that circle downtown.

“The Loop” is gritty. “The Loop” is where the pigeons hang out. “The Loop” is where an attractive woman will flip you off not once but twice after taking her photo. (Sorry, I am a photojournalist, not a pervert. Really.)

I need to hang out more in “The Loop”.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante


5 Responses to “the loop”

  1. … really?? twice? hahaha. perv! 🙂

  2. Great photo, Scott. So much to look at….

  3. Scott, don’t know if you know this or not, but in the last week or so all your images coming across in my RSS reader are thumbnail size, which pretty much sucks. Good to see they’re still nice and big on the site. Just thought you should know.

  4. I noticed the thumbnail thing too, I wonder why it changed? Still love them at full size, especially your street photography and the Common ground dyptichs… fantastic…

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