clean sweep

I have two diptych types that are my favorites.

The first is when I get to compare a Cagwin cow to a Grabenhofer dog.

The other is when one of the Grabenhofer triplets does something that Harlow or Jean did.

Here is the latter type with the first half of the pairing being from October 1994 and the second half from August 2009.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante


3 Responses to “clean sweep”

  1. Great stuff. I really enjoyed ‘Common Ground’ – a hard act to follow!

  2. Hi Scott-

    It’s great to see your thoughts on the project and to catch up with you checking in to update the story. I appreciate hearing about the process rather than approaching the photos at a gallery where all the work and planning had been done in advance.

    How did you select the Grabenhofer Family as your subjects to continue the story where the Cagwins left off? Do they live on the same location where the Cagwin home stood? It’s a great angle that there is youth thriving in a home where the elderly farmers once worked and lived.

    I’m curious what the Cagwins think of your project as well?


    • Brian, it was pure luck that I met the Grabenhofers. I had tried unsuccessfully several times to find a family to photograph in the Willow Walk subdivision. In fact, in early 2007, I was beginning to believe that I never would finish the second half of the project. However, in March of that year, fate intervened.
      I was asked by Terry Vitacco, a photo instructor at the College of DuPage, to come speak to her photo story class. I showed several of my stories and finished with the Cagwin story. I briefly mentioned like I had hundreds of times earlier that I was hoping to someday return to the land to document a family living in the subdivision. After the lights came up, a woman raised her hand and said, “I think I live in that subdivision.” That woman was Amanda Grabenhofer. Less than a week later I was on Cinnamon Court photographing her family.
      The Grabenhofer home is just northwest of where the Cagwin home stood. It is located approximately where a cattle barn was located.
      THe Cagwins have been published many times over the years and they really enjoy the “celebrity” that has come along with the project. Harlow is embarrassed a bit by the photos that make him look old and sad but overall he is very proud of his farming career and is glad that people have been exposed to his life.

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