couch potatoes

Here is another diptych from my most recent visit to the Willow Walk subdivision nee the Cagwin farm.

I think I have come to realize that this personal project will never end.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante

7 Responses to “couch potatoes”

  1. right when you think it’s over they’ll tear down the subdivision to make room for farmland. and then it’ll start all over again.

  2. “I think I have come to realize that this personal project will never end.”

    I sure hope not! This project has been endlessly fascinating and inspirational.

    Fingers crossed that it will be redeveloped into space condos next and you can make tryptichs with robopets and Tang.

  3. That’s not a bad thing.

  4. I think everyone probably wonders ” Where are the Cagwins now and how are they?”

    I don’t think anyone can view the project and not wish them well.

  5. Tori, after leaving their farm in Lockport, the Cagwins moved about 75 miles south to a bigger farm in Ashkum, Illinois.
    They built a new house on the land and leased the farm land to another farmer.
    Harlow has been dealing with some medical issues but overall they are doing well.
    I can’t thank them enough for the gift that they gave me by allowing me to document their final 8 years on their land.

  6. Wonderful news to hear! Thank you for sharing, Scott…

    The Cagwins were also blessed to have you around to document their life on the farm…their descendants along with the rest of the world now get a unique and heart-warming perspective into an important yet fading aspect of American culture.

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