color my world

One of yesterday’s big stories in Chicago was that the Chicago Transit Authority had approved a plan to extend three of its train lines.

One of those is the Red Line which travels south in the middle of the Dan Ryan Expressway ending at 95th Street. There scores of Southsiders board buses to head to their homes farther south.

The new extension will make their commute much easier.

So, like so many times, my job was to go out and photograph something that wasn’t there.

My solution was to hang out on the 95th Street platform and make a pretty picture.

© 2009 Chicago Tribune/Scott Strazzante


5 Responses to “color my world”

  1. The fun you have shows in your work. It’s inspired, and it always makes me smile. Ramble on my friend, ramble on…

  2. well. ya accomplished that. done & done 🙂

  3. great colors and lines, very nice!

  4. well done. you captured what “wasn’t there”.

  5. Cool site, love the info.

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