why did the photographer cross the street?

I was walking down Illinois Street this evening when I spotted a small crowd gathered around a black SUV that was parked in front of the AMC River East 21 movie theater.

I overheard a woman say that she saw a skinny blond in high heels. Hmmmm…that’s worth investigating. Paris Hilton, maybe? Lindsay Lohan, perhaps? Zac Efron, probably?

So, with not much else to do, I crossed the street, dodging a couple taxis along the way.

As I worked my way into the crowd, I saw Chicago’s very own Jeremy Piven patiently posing for photos with the general public.

Slightly disappointed, I raised my camera for a couple hail marys. One of the snaps synched with a camera flash and I headed on my way.

Seconds later, I looked down and saw a flash of green on the sidewalk. I quickly snagged the prize – $46 in cash.

I am starting to like Jeremy Piven a lot more.

© 2009 Chicago Tribune/Scott Strazzante


4 Responses to “why did the photographer cross the street?”

  1. 1. jeremy piven is awesome.
    2. who finds $46 dollars flying around on the sidewalk?
    unless the mint released a 46 dollar bill that’s at minimum of four bills. that is so lucky. so when are you buying me lunch?

    • Ha! Good call. It was two twenties, a five and a one all folded up.
      Jeremy Piven is awesome but I was expecting to see a hottie. 😉

  2. So was he at least wearing heels?

  3. So…Skinny blonde in heels+ Jeremy Piven = $46…free-lancing for tabloids? 😉

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