long lens emotion

By strazz

August 24, 2009

Category: Sports

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Golf tends to be a long lens sport.

Unless there is an errant drive, the majority of the photos at each hole are made with a 400mm lens aimed around or on the green.

The routine is the same. Photograph the drive off the tee and then head towards the green to try to position yourself behind the cup with the golfer looking towards you.

In an event like yesterday, it was pretty easy. Almost every putt or chip had an emotional exclamation point.

The more I shoot sports, the more I am bored by these one dimensional images. I have always been a proponent of trying to get both sides of the competition in the same photo but in golf that can be quite difficult.

I made an effort yesterday to shoot more wide angle emotion than I normally would but besides a couple of pretty nice images, I wasn’t very successful.

Oh well, the positive is that the Chicago area only averages one top notch golf event a year so it isn’t a huge part of my job.

© 2009 Chicago Tribune/ Scott Strazzante

One Response to “long lens emotion”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Every year when the LPGA comes to Springfield I kinda get stuck in the 400mm view. I went out one day without it and it was like shooting a different sport, I missed some stuff but it was refreshing. Newton gave a presentation at Mountain Workshop years ago about shooting loose and it’s always stuck with me, I love shooting sports with my 16-35 🙂

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