are you ready for some football?

By strazz

August 30, 2009

Category: Sports


My least favorite type of person is the alpha male.

Those guys whose insecurities lead them to be bullies or their sport history cause them to live vicariously through their children’s athletic endeavors.

So, with great trepidation yesterday, I attended my son’s first ever football game.

Due to the fact that my son has moved 5 times in his life, he never has played organized football.

Unlike our former home of Frankfort, Yorkville, thankfully, is open to allowing kids with no experience to join the football program.

Cameron’s game started late so I sat through half the 8th grade game and then all of his two and a half hour scrimmage. The youth football crowd is much different then the baseball crowd.

The football parents are serious, very very serious.

It was quite chilly yesterday and halfway through the fourth quarter of a tie game, my son’s team’s running back was dropped for a loss. The other dads around me frowned and grumbled. I quipped that I didn’t care as long as the clock kept running. The guys looked at me like I had committed treason. I would have been more popular if I had kicked one of their dogs.

I think next game, I will bring a long lens and just hide behind my camera.

© 2009 Scott Strazzante


6 Responses to “are you ready for some football?”

  1. Do not hide. Support and cheer your son’s efforts no matter what the outcomes of the game. Teach him to love it for the teamwork and camaraderie it will instill in him.
    To hide behind your lens means you are afraid of the stares from mean spirited “alpha males” and will only perpetuate their behavior.
    BTW, I think your photograph is a beautiful offering to the joss of the sport. Thanks for sharing and be glad you don’t live in the south.

  2. Scott- Beautiful photo; a cow in the background would be icing on the cake. I’m with you on hiding. Whenever I go to my daughter or son’s high school soccer games I tend to hide at one end of the field with my ipod going full blast so I don’t hear the people going nuts. Too many people with too many opinions. And not many of those opinions are very knowledgeable. So for my sanity and peace of mind I hide and support my child.
    Hope to have you back sometime this year to talk to another crop of eighth graders. Take care.

  3. May as well take advantage of that long lens… hiding or not… who willl know? A referee was interviewed on radio the other day and was asked what stage of football was the most challenging to referee.. he had done them all, all the way up to the pros… he said, by far the most difficult was youth football, only because of the parents and how close the parents can be on the sidelines… You’ll have more fun than you expect… Can’t wait to see some fun football pictures… Thanks for sharing!

  4. p.s. I really like this football pic… Love your ‘point-of-view’ as always…
    Thanks again!

  5. That pic is really beautiful. Don’t change your attitude either. At this age level the game is more about the kids and should be kept that way.

  6. Looking at that photo, I can smell the cut grass and feel the chill in the air. Don’t hide…Get your long lens out and take great photos but don’t hide. If you hide, those alpha males will have less to be insecure about.

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