chasing the light

I had to walk two miles to an assignment and back this evening so I followed the light.

©2009 Chicago Tribune/ Scott Strazzante

9 Responses to “chasing the light”

  1. Scott,
    Amazing stuff!!
    I am just curious, where in city was the picture with two women and the triangles taken?

    Thanks Josh

    • Thanks Josh! The triangle photo is of the new Burnham Pavilion by Ben van Berkel in MIllennium Park. It’s one of two new pavilions just south of “The Bean”.

  2. Loving the blog and catching up on all your work! And, of course, watching you “follow the light” like the amazing light stalker that you are. Good running into you yesterday.

    Can’t wait to see what assignment hunting brings you to tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. nice. rut? what rut?
    real nice moment on the bird-lip snap.

  4. The first shot is absolutely brilliant.

  5. Beautiful! The first and last shots make me really miss Chicago…

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  7. Love these! especially the first one, that light is just magical and I love the little added detail of that bird in it…

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