healthy debate

I got my first taste of the health care debate last evening in Skokie.

US Representative Jan Schakowsky hosted a town hall meeting at Niles West High School. The group inside was decidedly in favor of the Obama plan and despite some dissenting opinions the meeting was fairly civil.

Outside was a different story however.

Hundreds of people who couldn’t get into the meeting stood across from each other screaming their opinions. 

I tried to get both sides in the same frame but none of those photos came together just right so today you get a two for one deal.

© 2009 Chicago Tribune/ Scott Strazzante

3 Responses to “healthy debate”

  1. Oh man- given Skokie’s history with Nazis, seeing that poster is a nasty punch in the gut.

  2. Go figure that Skokie would have a Hitler-Obama picture. I would have thought they would try harder to shed that image.

    Otherwise good representation there, Scott. Always been a fan of your work.

  3. Wow, I cannot believe they would pull out the Nazi mess in Skokie either. It is a wonder a brawl did not break out. It is heartbreaking that some people don’t want everyone to be well and have health care. Thank you for capturing this!

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