blago does new york

The reason for my trip to New York City is to cover the first days of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s book tour.

This morning’s itinerary included visits to the Today Show and the Early Show where Meredith Vieira and Harry Smith grilled the ex-governor about some of the things in his book “The Governor”.

I have been given amazing access on this trip. The only restrictions have been set by the tv shows. The Today Show only allowed me outside on the plaza while the Early Show was more agreeable and let me into the studio. Blago has been incredibly friendly.

For more coverage of the trip go HERE.

© 2009 Chicago Tribune/ Scott Strazzante


4 Responses to “blago does new york”

  1. Hey Scott, I’ve been having issues getting multiple photos to show up like this post and your last few. What size have you been posting them as? If that’s even my problem.

    • In order to have more than one image on this template, I have to create one file with multiple photos so it fools the blog system into thinking that there is only one photo.

  2. It looks like a really good trip for both you and Governor…..Have a great luck ahead..

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