20 mile sunrise

As part of my training for the Chicago Marathon, I ran an organized 20-mile training run this morning along the shore of Lake Michigan.

When I exited my car at the Foster Avenue Beach, the glow of the rising sun was just emerging on the horizon.

I snapped off a couple quick frames, put my camera back in my trunk and then headed a half mile or so down to the start line.

When I got to the start line, there were 25 or so runners stretching amongst a group of trees with the orange sky behind them. Doh!

I know that it is healthy for me to live a life outside of photography but it kinda sucks when I eye ball a fabulous photo op and my camera is blocks away.

Here is the semi-boring sunrise shot that I came away with.

©2009 Scott Strazzante


4 Responses to “20 mile sunrise”

  1. iPhone ala Chase. Plus its fun to play with. I agree with chase, “the best phone is the one you have with you.” On the other hand it is good to not “think” photography sometimes. I have finally learned to do it somewhat. Took a long time though. -Bryan Mitchell

  2. Yikes! Be darn careful about putting gear away potentially in sight of a bad guy and then walking away from the car!

  3. Always lookin’ out for ya, my son 🙂 Now don’t go sittin’ on any cold concrete, either!

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