rescue me

Newspapers would have a lot more readers if every press conference had at least one puppy present.

Unfortunately, today’s star puppies were a pair of pit bulls that were rescued from a dog fighting club that was located in a garage behind a child care center in a home in Maywood. Yes, the same Maywood from yesterday’s modular home assignment.

The two pups and the handful of other dogs were found in horrible shape- injured, neglected and malnourished. One of the puppies was even missing an eye. Horrible, horrible stuff.

The amazing thing was despite all they had been through, the puppies at today’s news conference couldn’t stop licking the face of Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, the Animal Welfare League volunteers and the other dogs.

©2009 Chicago Tribune/ Scott Strazzante


3 Responses to “rescue me”

  1. A great picture! Such a misrepresented dog…the stigma just isn’t so. Yes, there are pockets of bad dogs…just like there is with *every* breed. However, the best dog I’ve ever had the companionship of was a beautiful, sweet and smart pitbull. Again, great picture and glad to hear they were rescued!

  2. I find this horrific and angering. I believe Michael Vic should have been left in prison until there was no possibility left, of a football career. These dogs come into our world wanting to love. Animal abuse is a clear signal that even more serious societal violence is at hand for the perpetrators.

  3. Apologies — this is a very poignant, powerful photograph. Well done.

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