family photo op

Last September, my wife Anna underwent a radical cystectomy to remove her cancerous bladder.

The surgery by University of Chicago’s Gary Steinberg was a huge success and my wife is now cancer-free.

After her recovery, Anna became very active with the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network and counsels many people who are facing surgery for bladder cancer.

Anna mentioned to me that she wished that I had documented her battle with bladder cancer so she could use it now as part of her quest to raise awareness for the disease.

If she would have asked before the surgery, I am not sure if I could have done a photo story on her as her life hung in the balance. 

Now Anna is back in the hospital dealing with some intestinal issues stemming from scar tissue from her surgery where the doctors took part of her insides and built a neobladder.

She will be heading home any day now and despite my knowledge that she will someday again say that she wished that I would have photographed her struggle, I am content with my coverage- one quick snap with my crappy Blackberry camera.

©2009 Scott Strazzante


13 Responses to “family photo op”

  1. Best wishes to Anna for a speedy recovery and continuing to be cancer-free.

  2. i’ll put u guys in my prayers, Scott.

  3. Scott, Please let Anna know that I am still praying for her and will try to give her a call soon!

  4. Praying full healing for your wife, Scott. Wonderful news that she is cancer-free. Moms are always more concerned about their children than about their own pain, aren’t they (we)? And a good shot is more about the eye that sees it than the camera used.

  5. Scott,
    Thank you for this ONE shot that says a thousand words. I experienced my dear mom battling bladder cancer 5 years ago and I wouldn’t have the ability to document it all on film.
    Thanks for your honesty and in this photo, it provides the dignity your wife deserves.

    Emma Jinglheimersmith

  6. I’m praying Anna gets to go home soon. You have all of BCan pulling for your release Anna!

  7. Scott,
    Thanks for the photo of Anna up for her walk. Hope she is well on the way to full recovery, now. As Lynda says, all of BCAN is behind her in this and all her ventures.

  8. Hey Scott, I’m glad to hear Anna is doing better – I didn’t really know all this, so I can’t imagine what you all have been through….As a photog, I don’t think it would have occurred to me to photograph my own family had they been going through something similar. The ethos, issues, motivations are so totally different, especially when it’s so personal. Hope to meet Anna one day. Will pray for her continued recovery. Best to you guys 🙂

  9. Thanks Scott, we’ve anxiously awaited the news Anna is overcoming this setback. Can’t wait for her appearance once again with the BCAN family. She is sorely missed. Karego

  10. Dear Anna & Scott, I miss you! Love Sara

  11. Dear, dear Anna, we send you our warmest thoughts. Love Nana

  12. Scott, why is that ? I mean, is it hard for you to make deeply personal images ? I ask ‘cus I’ve been dealing w/my mother in-laws deteriorating health (Alzheimers) and I just shot some pics w/my iPhone the other day and felt very strange about it. Dunno man, just strange.
    Best of luck to Anna and you.

    • I think it is because it is hard for me to be casual about photography. If I did shoot a story on Anna’s struggle, I would over do it and she would have to tell me to stop.
      It is easier to not start.
      Also, the camera creates a barrier that I don’t want to put between us.
      I guess it is a multitude of things.
      Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law.
      Much love back!

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