dan is the man

By strazz

October 6, 2009

Category: projects

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Earlier this year, I finished up a project on a homeless soccer team based at a shelter in Aurora, Illinois.

It was one of those stories that didn’t have a tidy ending.

After the team coach Jason Holmes was fired from his position at the Aurora homeless shelter, the team continued to practice with Holmes in preparation for the US Homeless World Cup team tournament in Washington, DC.

I never got a chance to shoot their “unaffiliated” practices but still planned on going to DC with them.

Well, by time the tourney happened in late July, my newspaper lost interest in the story and I ended up not going.

So, now as I try to put an edit together for contest time, I have a story that doesn’t really have an arc.

It has a start, a middle but no end.

In an effort to focus the story, I have decided to see what it looks like when I tell the tale through one of the players. I have chosen Dan McLaughlin, a 20-year-old, who was one of the team’s more devoted players.

I think I might give Dan a call and see if his life has changed at all because of the soccer team.

Here is a sampling of some of the Dan photos.

©2009 Chicago Tribune/ Scott Strazzante


One Response to “dan is the man”

  1. Hey Scott,

    I actually shot the Street Soccer USA Cup in Washington, DC this year, and I definitely remember Dan from Chicago’s team. If you’re curious, I have posted most of the pictures from that weekend on my flickr page. I know there are a bunch of Chicago’s team.


    Rich Qualters

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