a little help, please

I am attempting to put together an edit for my Rico Michael Jackson story.

HERE is an earlier version but I have been tinkering with adding and subtracting photos.

Back in my days at Copley, we would edit each other’s work constantly. One of the first things we would do would be to group the photos by redundancy. Whether it be redundant composition or redundant emotion, etc.

I have two detail images from this story that I can’t choose between.

Which do you like better?

©2009 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


18 Responses to “a little help, please”

  1. Scott, I like the top one(hand around back) much better because it is a clean read and the glove is shown more. Nice story. Keep up the good work. Cheers,

    Jeff Phelps

  2. Hi Scott, I concur…I like the first one (hand on a back) better as it is a clear MJ symbol, which you don’t have elsewhere in the edit.
    Very nice story!

  3. The top picture of the glove is an instant read. I knew the picture had something to do with MJ as soon as I saw it. The second one has more going on, the glove is less obvious…..

  4. I’m leaning towards the top one as well, though each one says something a little differently. I get a lonely vibe from the second frame, like the party’s over and all that’s left is old potato salad and the michael jackson guy. With the first one, I feel like he is ‘on’ and still in character. Come to think of it, I guess it depends on what your narrative is…

    • Mike, that is also something that I am struggling with. I can do several different edits on this.
      It would be very easy to do a “freak show” version or I could do an “everyone loves Michael” version. My goal though is to probably split the difference.

  5. Top one. Like everyone said above- instant recognition. Although, depending on where it fits in the storyboard, that recognition may not be needed…perhaps the second communicates better in the context of the overall story…

  6. the top photo is more obvious for me which makes it work better for the story.

  7. Top one for sure. A quick read that has some mood to it. I like that the other one is more complex but I get lost in the photo. Ah Copley, good times. Sigh.

  8. I agree with GKB…The second one has much more “feeling” but would need to be in context to make it identifiable. The first one doesn’t add anything to the story for me.

    That’s just my wannabe opinion 😉

  9. Yo Scott. Are you using strobe these days? I don’t know much about your story or how these pictures fit in, but I do prefer the glove pic. Seems a little one-dimensional, but that’s probably what makes it work. Where do I see the rest of the story?

  10. Scott –

    I’m torn between the two. The top image is an easy read. It’s a moment, so my visceral reaction is to go with it. On further review, I like bottom image better because it’s deliberate. Quiet. The disarray suggested by the tablecloth is thought provoking. It’s a layer not present in the other image.


  11. I like the top one. If you’re story is going bridge the “freak show” and “everybody loves michael” aspects, I think this pictures achieves both. It’s a weird picture, but it’s also very human and intimate. Or use both in different parts of the narrative. That might seam redundant in another story, but in a story that involves one of the most recognized hand/glove combos in history, perhaps it might even create a third effect. Maybe you could tell the whole story in glove details!

  12. Top, much cleaner and easier to read.

  13. I gotta got with the top one as well. It is a cleaner image and more intimate. The glove is the symbol that ties this story to MJ.

  14. If the story is about MJ then the top photo is the obvious choice. But this is about Rico. Nothing in the top photo reflects Rico. The modest surroundings that Rico exists in with the hat and glove off are highlighted in photo #2.

    But I’m no photo contest judge… 😉

  15. I’ll go with top myself. I was actually on the south side last night and got to witness Rico in full force at Durbins. Good dancer. Quite a show. Great photos Scott.

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