that’s rich

By strazz

October 30, 2009

Category: Sports


Early in my career, I attended a workshop run by legendary sports photographer Rich Clarkson.

Something that Clarkson said at that workshop still sticks with me today.

His philosophy is that if the three most important things in real estate are location, location, location then the three most important things in sports photography  are significance, significance, significance.

For example, if the Bears lose 45-10 to the Bengals and the team’s former running back Cedric Benson has a career game, a great photo of the Chicago’s Devin Hester catching a touchdown pass is meaningless.

Likewise, if  Bulls’ super star Derrick Rose returns from injury to lead his team to a win over the Spurs in the season opener, a photo of John Salmons, who was 3 of 15 from the floor, shouldn’t be on the front of the newspaper.

However, this philosophy is sometimes difficult to execute when sporting events start late and images have to be chosen before the game has finished.

The worst was back before the digital age when I shot film and would have to drive 45 minutes back to the office to use my paper’s darkroom.

Inevitably, I would leave a game with the home team leading big only to have them blow the lead near the end of the game while I was souping my film.

Sorry Scott! We are going to have to go with a wire photo. Ugh!

Seconds into last night’s Bulls’ game, the endlessly entertaining Joakim Noah rebounded his own miss and scored against the Spurs’ Tim Duncan. Noah gave out a loud scream as he turned to head back up court.

I remember thinking great photo but when the Bulls lose, it won’t matter.

Surprisingly, the Bulls did win 92-85 and the photo meant something.

More pix from game HERE.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune






3 Responses to “that’s rich”

  1. Hey Scott,

    As usual, great work. Couple of questions…Did you use a 300 during that game last night? And was the shot of Hinrich through Ginobili’s legs a remote? Thanks.


  2. Mike, I shot the game with two zooms- a 70-200 and a 24-70.
    The shot through Ginobili’s leg wasn’t a remote.
    I decided to sit on the sideline for the 4th quarter and when the Spurs were on offense, I was shooting with the camera resting on the ground with it prefocused on the lane.

  3. I think I enjoyed reading your insight to this photo more than the photo! Love it!

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